Money Shot  

Won: Crimespree Award, Best Paperback Original

Nominated: Edgar Award, Best PBO, Barry Award, Best PBO, Anthony Award, Best PBO.

Snakes On A Plane 

Won: IAMTW Scribe Award, General Fiction, Best Novel – Adapted


NOTE: All works on this list are available for purchase from a variety of mainstream, online and indy booksellers.


The Get Off, Hard Case Crime, TBD early 2025

Gabriel Hunt – Hunt Beyond the Frozen Fire, June, 2014

Butch Fatale, Dyke Dick: Double D Double Cross, February 2012

Choke Hold  Hard Case Crime, October 2011

Money Shot Hard Case Crime, February 2008.

Triads, with Poppy Z Brite, Subterranean Press, August 2004; (Triads signed, ltd. edition includes original short story ‘Blood Orange Blues’ Subterranean Press August, 2004)

Hoodtown From Parts Unknown, May 2004

Control Freak RhinocEros, June 1998, reissued Babbage Press September 2002


Silver Sable and The Wild Pack (2017) #36, with Paulo Siqueira (Illustrator), Mahmud Asrar (Illustrator), Marvel, November 2017

Peepland, with Gary Phillips, and Andrea Camerini (Illustrator), Titan Comics, August 2017

Bad Mother 

with Mike Deodato Jr (Illustrator), AWA Upshot, March 2021


with Mike Deodato Jr (Illustrator), AWA Upshot, October 2021

Hit Me, with Priscilla Petraites (Illustrator), AWA Upshot, September  2022


The Killing Joke (Batman), with Gary Phillips, Titan Books, September 2018

Fringe: Sins of the Fathers, Titan Books, August 2014

Fringe: The Burning Man Titan Books, August 2013

Fringe: The Zodiac Paradox, Titan Books, May 2013

The Dead Man: The Death Match,  47 North , September 2012

Supernatural: Coyote’s Kiss Titan Books, 2011

Snakes on a Plane Games Workshop, July 2006

Final Destination III: The Movie Games Workshop, January 2006

Friday The 13th: The Jason Strain Games Workshop, January 2006

A Nightmare On Elm Street #2: Dreamspawn Games Workshop, April 2005

Twilight Zone #5: Burned / One Night at Mercy Games Workshop, July 2005


“Garnets (inspired by Adirondacks 1992)”  in From Sea to Stormy Sea: Stories Inspired by 17 American paintings, ed Lawrence Block Forthcoming

“Truth or Consequences (Waitin’ Round to Die)” in Mama Tried, ed James Tuck, Down & Out Books, August, 2016

“Hit Me” Kwik Krimes, Otto Penzler, ed, Thomas & Mercer, August 2013

“Cutman” Hell of a Woman, Megan Abbott ed. Busted Flush Press 2007

“Tighter” Strange Bedfellows: The Hot Blood Series Jeff Gelb & Michael Garret eds. Kensington 2004, reprinted in The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror 16 Stephen Jones ed. Caroll & Graf 2005

“Love, La Llorona” City Slab vol 2 #1 (periodical) 2004

“Roadkill” (online magazine) 2002, reprinted in Roadkills Joseph M. Monks ed. Chanting Monks Press 2003

“Candy” Sex Crimes Joseph M. Monks and Hart D. Fisher eds. Chanting Monks/Boneyard Press 2003

“Switchblade” Hot Blood XI: Fatal Attractions Jeff Gelb & Michael Garret eds. Kensington 2001

“Bootleg” The Mammoth Book of Vampire Stories by Women Stephen Jones ed. Robinson 2001

“Sticks” Cemetary Dance #34 (periodical) 2001

“Bodywork” After Shocks : An Anthology of So-Cal Horror Jeremy Lassen ed. Freak Press 2000

“Head” Subterranean Gallery Richard Chizmar & William Schaffer eds. Subterranean 1999

“Envy” Darkside: Horror for the Next Millennium John Pelan ed., Limited Hardcover Darkside Press 1996 Mass Market Paperback Roc 1998

“Found Angels” (w/ Caitlin R. Kiernan) In the Shadow of the Gargoyle Nancy Kilpatrick & Thomas S. Roche eds. Ace Books 1998, reprinted in From Weird and Distant Shores Caitlin R. Kiernan Subterranean Press 2002

“Triads” (w/ Poppy Z. Brite) Revelations Douglas E. Winter, ed. Harper Prism 1997

“The Girl Who Loved the Wind” Once Upon a Time: Erotic Fairy Tales For Women Michael Ford ed. RK 1996

“Skin Deep” Hot Blood: Stranger By Night Jeff Gelb & Michael Garret eds. Pocket Books 1995, Adapted for Television, Showtime series “The Hunger”

“Epiphany” Splatterpunks II: Over the Edge Paul M. Sammon ed. Tor Books 1995, reprinted in Flowers in the Razorwire Hart Fisher ed. Boneyard Press 1995

“Cherry” Love in Vein: Twenty Original Tales of Vampiric Erotica Poppy Z. Brite ed. Harper Prism 1994, reprinted as “Unschuld” in Dead Ends: Angloamerikanische Horrorstories (German) Frank Festa & Jens Schumacher eds. Ventil Verlag 1999

“Saved” (w/ Poppy Z. Brite) Young Blood Mike Baker ed. Zebra 1994, reprinted in Noirotica: An Anthology of Erotic Crime Stories Thomas S. Roche ed. RhinocEros 1996, reprinted in Typical Girls: New Stories by Smart Women Susan Corrigan ed. Hodder and Stoughton 1997, reprinted as “Sauvé” in Tenebres (French) periodical Benoit Domis ed. 1998, reprinted in Are You Loathsome Tonight? Poppy Z. Brite Gauntlet 1998