And the winner is…

I gave the Butch Fatale video contest a few extra days just to see if any other entries would come in at the last minute, but no such luck. Don’t know if people were too shy, or reluctant to do the work required to shoot and upload a video, or maybe just intimidated by Max’s awesomeness. Regardless, that makes Max the undisputed champion and the official face of Butch Fatale, Dyke Dick.

By happy accident, I ran into Max and her partner last night at OutFest 2012.

She’s even more dapper and charming in real life.

I’ll be working with Max to come up with a final book trailer for the Butch Fatale series. My original plan was to shoot something from scratch with the winner and edit it myself, but Max did such an outstanding job of nailing the flavor and feel of the series that I may just end up using a slightly modified version of her video.

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