Attracted to the Person

This post is about sex. It contains naughty words and frank discussion about, you know, “down there.” You’ve been warned.

I know a lot of bi and pansexual people who like to say that they’re all about what’s on the inside. That they are “just attracted to the person” and don’t care about the genitals and bodies that go along with each person. Which is fine for them.

I’m not like that. I look at totally different, even opposite, bodies and think “hubba hubba!” If I eventually meet the person and they’re sexy on the inside too, then it’s a home run. If the person turns out to be a creep, then it’s a pass no matter how hot they look. But for me the attraction always starts with the way someone looks and the way they carry the bodies that they have. I’m a very visual, lights-on kind of gal. I want to see what I’m working with. And I love variety.

I realize that for most people who identify as either gay or straight, this hunger for variety may be hard to understand. They are into one thing, and that’s it. Many even have a strong negative reaction to the opposite of what they are into.

Beyond basic plumbing, people also tend to favor a certain “type.” Me, I have several primary types that will always turn my head, but then I’ll find myself ferociously attracted to someone who is nothing like any of them. That’s what keeps life interesting for me.

And speaking of basic plumbing, I’m just going to come right out and say that I like it all. I like (XY)cocks, butch-cocks, and trans-cocks. I like (XX)cunts, trans-clits and neo-cunts. I don’t see any one of these as “fake” or a substitute for any other. Each one is it’s own unique thing which I find beautiful and sexy.

I like fat bodies and thin bodies. Muscular bodies and soft bodies. Hairy bodies and smooth bodies. I’m not just putting up with something that isn’t really what I want because I like what’s on the inside. I think each diverse and different body that I choose to play with is sexy exactly the way it is.

And if someone is shy about their body or uncomfortable with their particular genital configuration, I respect that. As a Domme, I like to push boundaries but I never want to take someone to a place they are not ready to go. If I can encourage someone to show off what they have and feel proud and sexy, then I will. But if they prefer to keep certain areas covered, I can live with that. As long as I can see the rest of them. As long as I can see their faces and look into their eyes.

Now let me say that there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a type or being only interested in one gender. I just want to open up people’s minds and help them understand that their way isn’t the only way. It’s one of many.

I also want to say, for the record, that I’m not confused. I’m not in denial about my true orientation and I’m not conducting my sex-life as a show for the entertainment of others. I know that I don’t fit in to the various stereotypes that exist on both sides of the gay/straight divide and I have no interest in changing what I think is hot in order to make other people feel more comfortable. The only people I’m interested in pleasing are myself and my partners.

So sound off, bi and pansexual readers. How do you feel about this inside/outside thing? Do you find yourself attracted to the way people look, or their personalities, or both? And what sorts of reactions do your partner choices elicit from gay and straight friends?

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