Everyone is posting lists of things they’re thankful for. So, just to be contrary, I thought I’d take a moment on this special holiday to bitch about some of the things I don’t have.

1. A big girl house. I’m really REALLY sick of living in Barbie’s Crackhouse.

2. Enough steady, dependable income to move out of Barbie’s Crackhouse into the above mentioned big girl house.

3. A beautifully remastered DVD release of CRASHOUT starring William Bendix. (Get on that shit, Muller!)

4. Health insurance. That’d be nice.

5. The right to marry anybody I want, regardless of their past, current or future gender identity.

6. Salt. This low-salt diet sucks.

7.  This statue of The Spider.

8. A jetpack.

Share the hate, Faustketeers! What are you pissed off that you don’t have?

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