Forever Noir

Never mind what’s written on those awful, inedible candy hearts. Any Film Noir fan knows that love doesn’t last forever. It lasts only as long as it takes to get the money, to get into her panties or to get him to kill your husband.

Well, film doesn’t last forever either. Unlike a coded digital signal, film is a real, physical thing that degrades, rots, crumbles and dies. Without the tireless dedication of guys like Eddie Muller and Alan Rode and all the other hardcore Noir lovers of the Film Noir Foundation, so many great films would have been lost forever.

I love the fact that Film Noir Foundation doesn’t just care about the famous titles. They go to bat for the little guy, the obscure stuff, the forgotten titles that aren’t available on DVD. Because for every Double Indemnity or Sunset Boulevard, there’s a wicked little gem of a film like Crashout, which I never would have seen if it hadn’t been screened at the Film Noir Festival at the Egyptian.

Each and every one of these films is a historical document. They aren’t just flights of fancy, they’re time capsules. Every throw-away street scene, every extra’s clothing, every piece of set dressing, they all add up to form a fascinating picture of a bygone era. And seeing these films projected on the big screen, as they were meant to be seen, really makes all those little details shine. Yet another reason why it’s so important to preserve these films in 35 mm format. Because watching it on your phone just isn’t the same.

So today I’m blogging on the importance of preserving lost Film Noir in order to help raise money for this worthy cause. And even though I’m dead broke right now, I’ll also be donating. Not a lot, but as much as I can spare, because I love these films. After all, isn’t Valentine’s Day supposed to be about spending money on the one you love?

What about you? All those wonderful people out there in the dark? Love Film Noir? Love reading my yearly play-by-play of the Film Noir Festival? Time to put your money where your mouth is and cough up a couple clams to help preserve our Film Noir heritage for future generations.

To make a donation, click here.

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