Inking the Deal

Got some really big news about the new book.

Before contracts could be signed, the acquiring editor at Thomas Dunne left for greener pastures. Without his passion and singular vision, my agent and I were a little concerned. Thomas Dunne is a terrific publisher who did a bang up job for my Guthrie stablemate Russel McLean, and the idea of a hardcover for Angel Dare was a huge attraction. But we had plans in mind that would have been difficult to ask of a new editor or for him/her to implement. Plans that were tied in with the very supportive Hard Case Crime.

I frequently joke about Hard Case Crime’s Charles Ardai, saying any day now they’re gonna find a hundred toddler skeletons in his basement, because nobody can be that nice.

Well, Al and I explained the situation with Dunne to Ardai and, after willingly letting me go to try and find a bigger publisher, he was delighted to have me back. I’m thrilled to bring Angel Dare back to Hard Case Crime, where she belongs.

The book will probably get a new title and Glen Orbik, the artist who did the iconic cover for MONEY SHOT is on board to do the new cover.

It won’t be ‘hard back’ but it will be Hard Case.

To celebrate my homecoming, commemorate a critical turning point in my career and demonstrate my undying love for Hard Case Crime, I decided to “ink the deal” with a new tattoo. As always, the clever and talented Graham S. Chaffee of Purple Panther Tattoo was happy to oblige.

Hard Case 4 Life!

More tattoo photos here.

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