Jenna Sue?

A reviewer recently accused me of creating a “Mary Sue” character in my Supernatural tie-in COYOTE’S KISS. For those who don’t know what that means, a “Mary Sue” is a too-perfect wish-fulfillment character that represents the author’s own idealized persona.

While I freely admit that the character in question is a wish-fulfillment character, it’s a completely different kind of wish. I created that character not because I’d like to be her, but because I’d like to fuck her. After all, we tie-in writers have to do something to spice up the daily grind. I threw in a hot Latina chick with a big ass. Reason #739 why I love my job.

So, allow me to propose some new terminology. I give you, the “Jenna Sue.” Named after legendary porn star Jenna Jameson, of course. Maybe the male equivalent should be called the “Lexington Sue.” (For Lexington Steele.) Or maybe they should just be called “CILFs.” Characters I’d Like to Fuck.

Authors, have you ever deliberately created a Jenna Sue in any of your fiction? Readers, ever found yourself crushing out on a fictional character? If so, which ones?

PS – if I’m in trouble now for creating one character I’d like to fuck, I’m really gonna be in deep when my latest top-secret project hits the street…


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