March for Muffs

Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally against women paying to chop off their labia, and have ranted extensively on the topic, all across the web. These March for Muffs protesters clearly have their heart in the right place, but I have to disagree with their claim that the upswing in vaginal cosmetic surgery is due to “the pornification of culture.”

The adult film industry is flawed and full of contradictions, but it cannot be accused of forcing women to cut off their labia. Case in point: Alexis Texas (VERY NSFW!) She is one of the most popular porn stars working today, and she also has and “outtie.” Meaning long, protruding  labia, which she is deliberately exaggerating in the above linked photo.

Many women make this argument using magazines like Playboy as their proof that men are being trained by porn to prefer small labia. But A) the photos in that particular magazine have been photoshopped to remove any visible naughty bits and B) the average guy is not spanking it to Playboy anyway. He’s watching Alexis Texas stretch open her big fat labia on the internet.

I totally support the March for Muffs in spirit and agree that women need to stand up say “fuck no” to the mutilation of our bodies for profit. But porn is not the villain here. Porn has absolutely nothing to gain by women “tightening” their vaginas because you can’t tell how tight a woman is on camera. When you’re looking to solve a crime, look for motive. Who stands to profit? The real villains are the guys selling this kind of plastic surgery. The same guys selling us liposuction and facelifts and feeding off our insecurity and body shame. Because, sadly, women are often our own worst enemies.

So let your freak flaps fly! Be proud of your pussy, no matter what size, shape or color. And anyone who doesn’t like it doesn’t deserve it. Period.


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