On Cynthia Nixon, Bisexuality and Sexual “Likability”

After all the online hullabaloo, actress Cynthia Nixon has clarified her recent controversial “gay by choice” comments in the Advocate.

As a fellow no-respect-getting bisexual, I’ll admit I was stung by her statement: “I don’t pull out the ‘bisexual’ word because nobody likes the bisexuals.” After all, if people only stand up and publicly identify with approved or “likable” orientations, then we’d all still be in closet. I’m proud to be an unconventional, kinky, pansexual pervert and refuse to let perceived likability get in the way of who I am. Which is why I stand proudly beside straight Dominant men and sumbissive bois and kinky transwomen and any and everyone else who falls outside the conventional lines of defined and approved sex and gender roles. We are who we are. You don’t have to like us, but you do have to respect our basic human rights.

I’m glad Nixon has clarified her statements so her words can no longer be used by fundies as “proof” that homosexuality is a choice and therefore homosexual couples are not worthy of the same rights, respect and legal protection as heterosexuals. But it still sucks that such clarification was ever needed.


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