Social Networking Question For the Hivemind

I’ve seen a lot of grousing about people “linking” twitter to facebook. Presumably meaning that every single tweet, including @ replies are popping up verbatim on facebook. I can see why that would be annoying, because no one on twitter actually reads every single one of your tweets. They just read the relevant ones that pop up in their own stream as a natural part of the ongoing dialog.

Now maybe this makes me a social networking Ms. Bungle, but I don’t create separate, unique posts for twitter and facebook. If I did, I’d never have time to write any books to promote. Plus, I don’t want people who are only on facebook to miss out on the good stuff from twitter and vice versa. (Because, you know, all my tweets are fucking brilliant.) Occasionally, I’ll word things differently, because I have more room to spread out on facebook, but it’s still basically the same point. When I’m on the road, I find twitter so much easier to deal with on my phone that I mostly just post there. Which is probably stupid, because I have so many more people reading my posts on facebook. But, then again, if I were a social networking genius I’d be doing that for a living instead of writing books.

Also, as a reader/fan, I prefer to read posts by the authors I follow on twitter. Those same authors are also my “friends” on facebook, but I don’t read or comment on their posts nearly as often over there.

So here’s my question. Authors, do you compose two totally separate sets of posts for twitter and facebook or do you share the same posts on both networks? Readers, do you get annoyed or feel cheated if authors use the same posts on both networks? Or are you primarily reading just one or the other?

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