State of the Union

As anyone who follows me on various social media platforms knows by now, my 2013 sucked the proverbial bag of dicks. I won’t get into why, because I’d much rather talk about 2014. Here’s what’s currently cooking in the Brand Spankin’ New Year:

1: The third Fringe tie-in novel SINS OF THE FATHERS is finally in the can and currently slated for an August release.

2. Full steam ahead on the endlessly delayed BAD ROMANCE, a curious new erotic thriller project that’s kind of a tie in and kind of not. More on that later…

3. Once that bad bitch is satisfied, it’ll be on to the even more endlessly delayed second BUTCH FATALE novel.

4. And after I’m done playing catch up, I’ve got something new in the works that is gonna knock your collective socks off. Hint:

Happy New Year, Faustketeers!

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