Swearing: Fuck Yeah!

A question for the interwebs. Obviously no one reading this post is offended by swearing, or else you wouldn’t be here, but I’ve noticed something on Twitter and Facebook that I find somewhat perplexing. Writers who use naughty language in their novels but still disguise four letter words in their social networking posts. Like f*ck or sh*t. What the fuck is that shit?

I mean, what’s the point of visually “bleeping” your tweets if you swear in your books? Maybe you don’t want to offend your more delicate followers, but honestly, is there any benefit whatsoever in being followed by people who would be offended by your books? Or is it because your mom follows you? My mom follows me (hi mom!) but she’s a linguist who’s always been fascinated by insults and swearing so that doesn’t really count.

Just fucking curious…

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