Find This Woman

My latest gig for LAMAG is an article about the sexy mid-century artware created by a mysterious woman named Dorothy Kindell. The all-knowing interwebs offer very little concrete information about her personal life. Who was she? How did her family and other people in her community feel about her erotic figures during the 40s and 50s? She was clearly not ashamed of her work, since all her pieces are proudly signed with her full real name.

Check out this series of “stripper mugs.”

Not the kind of thing you’d expect from a woman in the 40s.

It seems like my research so far is revealing more questions than answers. I have no idea what I’m ultimately gonna find out about Dorothy Kindell, but the digging is half the fun.

Today, I’m going down to my pal Jane’s loft to watch an LAMAG shutterbug shoot her collection of Kindell figures and vessels.

You can see more of Kindell’s work here.

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