That Time of Year Again

Holiday music blaring in every public space. The bottomless consumer feeding frenzy. Mall rage.

But, hey, it’s not all bad. There are some good things about the holiday season too, like Broguiere’s egg nog, Matt Wallace in a Santa hat, and my annual viewing of BLAST OF SILENCE (best Christmas movie of all time.)

For Faustketeers who still feel the need to shower your not-so-humble narrator with gifts, the usual Amazon Wish List is up. Of course, I do encourage everyone to purchase any books on the list from indy sellers whenever possible. Email me for my mailbox addy if you need it.

I will also mention (as a not-so-subtle HINT) that this eBay seller has been putting up more and more mint condition vintage size five shoes from her late mother’s extensive collection. I’m especially obsessed with 50’s Spring-O-Lator mules, but any high heeled shoes from the 40’s or 50’s would make these tiny feet very merry.

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