Hoodtown on Kindle

Listen up, Skins. My novel HOODTOWN is now available in eBook format. You think Angel Dare is tough? Wait till you meet X. Click here to download that bad bitch right now.

Here’s a snippet of the publisher’s press release, in case you still need convincing:

“Hoodtown, the genre-bending ‘lucha-noir’novel from
the “First Lady of Hard Case Crime” Christa Faust (Money Shot, Choke Hold) is now
available in eBook format on the Amazon Kindle and on PCs, tablets and phones via the
Kindle App. The introductory price is $2.99, now available for immediate download.

Described by the author as “Casablanca with wrestling masks,” Hoodtown is a fusion
of lucha libre (Mexican masked wrestling) and vintage pulp with a gritty hardboiled
sensibility, all centered on a tough female lead.

‘X’ is a disgraced wrestler living on the mean streets of an all masked wrestler
ghetto. When a serial killer leaves behind not only dead, but unmasked, bodies, she is
reluctantly drawn into not only the manhunt, but a conspiracy that threatens the very
sanctity of Hoodtown’s masked culture.”

This book is a personal favorite of mine, one that got very little exposure the first time around. I’m glad it’s getting a second chance to find a wider audience. So check it out, and let me know what you think.

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