Photo Bounty

Listen up, Faustketeers. I’m sure you’re all aware of my new photo blog L.A. Fatale. It’s kinda silly, just a fun little side bet. Me snapping photos of pretty much anything around the neighborhood that catches my eye. Things that strike me as distinctly, often uniquely Los Angeles in flavor.

I spotted something a few days ago that I would have loved to capture, but it was on a moving vehicle and I was driving at the time. I didn’t think my silly little blog was worth crashing and or getting some kind of outrageous ticket.

Stickers of Calvin pissing on things never fail to make me smile. He pisses on various car companies, on the IRS, on people’s exes. I’ve seen him pissing on the evolution jesus-fish-with-legs and pissing on a crucifix. But a fairly common L.A. variant (probably common through out the South Western US) is Calvin pissing on “La Migra,” Mexican slang for immigration related law enforcement agencies. I spotted one the other day, but couldn’t capture it for posterity. And now that I’m actively trying to find it, no dice. Which fucking figures.

Anyway, that’s where you come in. Now of course, I could just google around and steal someone else’s photo, but I don’t want to do that and I don’t want you to do that either. Post your own photo of Calvin pissing on La Migra (or a link to your photo) in the comment section. Photo must be taken by you and must be taken in Los Angeles. I’d prefer a shot that shows the vehicle the sticker is on but will take what I can get. The lucky winner will get… well nothing really, but your photo will get posted on my blog, with your name and a link to your own blog and/or website.

Happy hunting!

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