Auction Update

Yesterday I decided it would be a nice idea to put one of my CHOKE HOLD ARCs up for auction to raise money to help fighters and other athletes suffering from post-concussive syndrome. I’m absolutely blown away by the fantastic response.

When I originally set this auction up, I thought it was highly unlikely that I’d get more than 100 bucks. I figured I’d better match whatever the total would be so that my donation wouldn’t seem too meager. Well, the price is already over $250 and there are still 5 days of bidding left. Unfortunately, I’m not in a financial position to match the final price if it gets much higher than it is right now, but I did promise to add to the donation from my own pocket. So my new, revised pledge is that I will add $200 of my own money to the final price.

Thanks for exceeding my expectations and for reposting, retweeting and otherwise helping to spread the word. This is an issue that means a lot to me and I’m glad to see so many people willing to dig deep and back me up on this. Keep it up and those bids coming!

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