Choke Hold Auction

Wanna be the first on your block to read CHOKE HOLD, the new Angel Dare book forthcoming in October from Hard Case Crime? Well now’s your chance. I’m auctioning off one single Advanced Reading Copy, which I will sign and personalize any way you like. Once this one is sold, the rest of you will have to wait till October.

If you win the auction, not only do you get first crack at the new book, but you get to feel good about shelling out your hard earned cash. All proceeds from the auction will be donated to the Sports Legacy Institute,  formed to advance the study, treatment and prevention of the effects of brain trauma in athletes and other at-risk groups.

This groundbreaking organization was co-founded by former pro-wrestler Chris “Harvard” Nowinski, who is himself suffering from post-concussive syndrome and to whom this book is dedicated. CHOKE HOLD features a character who also suffers from this disorder and Nowinski’s book HEAD GAMES as well as his own personal story and struggle were an inspiration to me when I first started imagining what the new book might be about.

The auction will last one week and I will match whatever the final selling price will be with my own personal donation.

Because I will be running the auction through eBay, I can’t mention on the charity aspect in the auction listing. They don’t allow people to claim they will donate money they receive because eBay can’t police every single claim and make 100% sure everyone is on the level. Which I understand and can’t fault them for. Anyway, that’s why the auction description will be pared-down and minimal. But you can keep up with the details of the auction here on this blog and through social media.

Please repost, link and spread the word any way you can. It’s a good read, for a good cause.

Click here to place your bid.

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